Music and Stages of Development

Many parents are aware of the power of music to stimulate and develop the brain. However, what they don’t realize is that pairing certain musical activities with specific phases of a child’s development helps achieve necessary milestones for healthier social, emotional and academic growth.

Why the Stanley Greenspan Model?

Dr. Stanley Greenspan, who created DIR(developmentally, individual, relationship based) model, Floortime, and related strategies to facilitate emotional, social and cognitive growth in children with developmental delays, has identified six stages that describe the levels of your baby’s mind from infancy to pre-K. For children with special needs who have not progressed through these stages at the same time that neurotypical babies do, they serve as important markers of needs that have to be fulfilled for overall development and well-being.

What are the stages of development that need to be fulfilled for growth at any age?

Stage 1: Security and the Ability to Look, Listen, and Be Calm
This developmental skill is the ability to be calm and self-regulated, while at the same time interested and engaged in the world.

Stage 2: Relating: The Ability to Feel Warm and Close to Others
This skill is expressed when the child smiles back at a parent in a special way.

Stage 3: Intentional Two-Way Communication Without Words
Skills necessarily acquired in this stage in which communication occurs through facial expressions, gestures and body language.

Stage 4: Solving Problems and Forming a Sense of Self
This is a stage whereby individuals develop a better sense of self.

Stage 5: Emotional Ideas
This stage is one of symbolic expression, where a child becomes more self – aware and can communicate ideas or feelings.

Stage 6: Emotional Thinking
This stage represents a capacity to reflect on future behavior, feel empathy and realize that actions have consequences.


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