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Below is a list of links that are related to the work that we do and provide information regarding children and family health issues . We hope you will find these sites helpful and interesting:

American Music Therapy Association

The work AMTA does on behalf of music therapists and those who receive music therapy services benefits you whether you are a member or not; please consider supporting that work with your 2016 membership. Become a shareholder in the future of your profession! ...more»

Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at New York University

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Clive Robbins and Carol Robbins, the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy is part of the graduate program in music therapy under the direction of Associate Professor Barbara Hesser. Currently led by Managing Director Dr. Alan Turry, our mission is multifaceted, comprising clinical, professional, and public services through our treatment, training, and research programs. Members of our clinical staff are professionally credentialed and New York State licensed music therapists. ...more»

The Rebecca Center

Music and the relational experiences intrinsic to musical-play are therapy when applied clinically. Interactive musical experiences can help a child with developmental challenges in many ways; fulfill the need to interact, socialize, communicate, achieve, learn and improve physicality ...more»

Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW) merged with Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit research and advocacy organization in October 2014, bringing together HCHW’s powerful educational resources for parents with EWG’s groundbreaking research in environmental health ...more»

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What parents are saying

Thank you for your music and for all the joy and learning you've brought to Jeremy. All the musical intelligence you've encouraged will thrive! He'll always remember you.
From a parent
I've seen Manny move from being isolated and in his own world to being able to join his peers in school and even at home with his younger sister.
Jason, Manny's father
Her awareness of others and her ability to use her language has improved tremendously in the past few years. I think the music has been a real key in her development.
Heidi's mother
Daniel has grown in so many ways through the art and music sessions. He is expressing himself so much more clearly and fully. He seems to be so much more comfortable with who he is.
Cheryl, Daniel's mother
Her awareness of others and her ability to use her language has improved tremendously in the past few years. I think the music has been a real key in her development.
From a Mother
Dear Karen, you have been able to bring out Harold's smile and his joy of life. He can open up and let us know more of what he is feeling and thinking. What a gift for a parent!
From a parent

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Fundraising Products

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