Small Group Sessions

Small Group Art Sessions

Art sessions are offered for groups of children or groups of adults and seniors with special needs who like to express themselves through a variety of art activities. Under the direction of a trained art therapist, the sessions foster creativity while providing an opportunity for socialization and relationship building. Materials ranging from paint, clay, collage, and a variety of drawing pens, markers, pastels, charcoal give group members a wide variety of choices for personal expression, Groups typically run for 6 -10 weeks.

Small Group Music Sessions

Interactive music making for small groups of children, teens, adults or seniors, provide an opportunity for individuals to become an integral part of a creative musical experience. These sessions, led by a trained music therapist, offer socialization and relationship building as a natural part of making music together in a fun environment. Groups typically run for 6-10  weeks.

Small Group Dance Sessions

Dance sessions offered for groups of children, teens, adults or seniors, support healing, growth and wellness through creative and body centered approaches.  Under the direction of a trained dance/movement therapist, the session fosters creativity and movement while providing and opportunity for socialization,relationship building and cooperation.  Groups typically run for 6 -10 weeks.

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Dear Miss Karen, As you know, I auditioned for the play Honk, Jr. at my school. Guess what -- I got the lead role of Ugly! I think all of my work in music and theatre at Arts for Healing really helped me do a good job at the auditions. So thank you for helping me so much over the past 8 years. I'm really excited. Love, Brian "Music can always be there when you need it."

- Zeke, 8 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome


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