Individual Attention Matters

Working with an individual makes targeting specific issues possible, thus enabling a greater impact on the child’s or adult’s quality of life. Each client’s course of treatment follows a unique path that is tailored to their needs and issues. The personality of the client is considered central to how the music and art is introduced and used, while considering and focusing on a particular stage of development. Music therapy and art therapy is not intended to coerce conventional and desirable behaviors, but to create an environment in which crucial developmental stages that were missed are naturally promoted through the creative process of art and music.

Approached in an integrated manner, both visual art and music are a mirror into the personality, portrayed through colors, shape, texture, melody, rhythm, and harmony. The client experiences the comfort of discovering a sense of self that they may not have previously experienced. In the context of a trusting therapeutic relationship, the client emerges with a positive and fortified framework. Experiences in music and art create new patterns of learning and neurological processes, stimulating sensory, cognitive, and emotional development. Their development through experiences in music and art can continue for a lifetime, always providing an avenue of expression that is personal and rewarding.


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