“Thank you’s” from parents:

“Dear Karen, you have been able to bring out Harold’s smile and his joy of life. He can open up and let us know more of what he is feeling and thinking. What a gift for a parent!”

“Thank you for your music and for all the joy and learning you’ve brought to Jeremy. All the musical intelligence you’ve encouraged will thrive! He’ll always remember you.”

“Karen, what can we say. Crystal has come a long way. She uses her hands and fingers in new ways. Her image of herself has changed so dramatically. Thank you so very much for your hard work and artistry.”

“Thank you for your patience, care, dedication, and support. There is no greater gift than the gift of music. Mary is very lucky to have you in her life. She enjoys being with you and learning how to communicate more through music.”

“Thanks to Arts for Healing, our son has found a place to be himself and to go beyond where he was. In his young life, he has had to face lots of challenges, and your programs are helping him to meet them and work through them. We know it’s a long road, but we are glad he has a place to be appreciated for who he is.”

“”You have helped us to see our daughter in a new light. Thanks.”

Quotes from students:

Dear Miss Karen,

As you know, I auditioned for the play Honk, Jr. at my school. Guess what — I got the lead role of Ugly! I think all of my work in music and theatre at Arts for Healing really helped me do a good job at the auditions. So thank you for helping me so much over the past 8 years. I’m really excited. Love, Brian

“Music can always be there when you need it.” — Zeke, 8 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.

“These groups make me feel lively and connected to everyone. When we started, I didn’t know I could express myself this way. I always enjoy myself.” — Mildred, senior living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

“That song was the song the nurse was singing as she brought my newborn daughter to me in the hospital.” — Gloria, senior living with dementia.

“Did you hear that? Joan was singing the whole time today. It’s the only time she seems so joyful during the day.” — Karl, husband, beside his wife in a music therapy group.

Quotes from parents:

“Daniel has grown in so many ways through the art and music sessions. He is expressing himself so much more clearly and fully. He seems to be so much more comfortable with who he is.” — Cheryl, Daniel’s mother.

“I’ve seen Manny move from being isolated and in his own world to being able to join his peers in school and even at home with his younger sister.” — Jason, Manny’s father.

“Her awareness of others and her ability to use her language has improved tremendously in the past few years. I think the music has been a real key in her development.” — Heidi’s mother.

Quotes from Outreach sites:

“We are so appreciative of all the wonderful people you have sent us! Many thanks for all you continue to do on our behalf.  You are a wonderful partner!!!” — Donna Spellman, Exec Director , River House Adult Day Care

Arts For Healing has been a tremendous benefit to our students and families. The staff’s kindness, caring and professionalism is evident in everything that they do.” — Maureen Sullivan, Administrator Specialized Learning, Norwalk Public Schools.

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Daniel has grown in so many ways through the art and music sessions. He is expressing himself so much more clearly and fully. He seems to be so much more comfortable with who he is.

- Cheryl, Daniel's mother


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