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Therapy for Infants & Toddlers

Getting an early start in the arts...

Early intervention in special needs children is important for the development of language and fine motor skills, self-awareness and the forming of interpersonal relationships. In particular, early intervention in children with speech problems, impaired motor functioning and the varying degrees of behavior disorders that accompany developmental delays is important for language development, self-awareness and forming relationships throughout their lives. Children of any age can benefit from the use of improvisation, interactive music-making and music skill-building to increase their attention span and develop fine and gross motor coordination. Skills such as sharing, turn-taking, listening, and learning the names of colors, animals, body parts and clothing improve.

For non-verbal children or children with language delays or communication disorders, music and art provide a way to address psychological issues. In therapy with music and art, a relationship develops between the therapist and client. Through the therapy process, families discover new ways of relating to children with special needs, and fosters an appreciation of their unique gifts.

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