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Brush Strokes


An artist creates work to express to the world his or her own voice. To produce a work of art that expresses a voice is always a challenge, and even for the most gifted and fortunate, it can be frustrating, emotional, and physically demanding. A profound voice that we do not often hear is that of the artist with developmental disabilities such as Autism or Down Syndrome. We are fortunate that we will get the opportunity to hear these unique voices. This is the concept behind “Brush Strokes”.

Our original joint exhibition with the Salmagundi Club, located at their landmark Greenwich Village home in New York City, was called "Strokes of Genius" .and included our client's artwork as well as pieces by artists from around the world, represented by Rosa C. Martinez, Ph.D.. The Lower Gallery was filled wit fh works of art created by children and adults who are challenged in their daily lives by developmental disabilities. The Salmagundi Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serves as a center for fine artists from New York and around the country, providing exhibitions of paintings, sculpture, and photography, conducting art classes, painting demonstrations, and art auctions throughout the year.

Since then, our art has been exhibited at the Silvermine Art Gallery, the New Canaan YMCA, New Canaan Town Hall, at Pepsico HQ, the Bank of New Canaan and the New Canaan Public Library.

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