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Small Group Art or Music Sessions

Child and Caregiver Small Group Art or Music Sessions

 The parent or care giver will benefit from this therapist directed program of developmentally appropriate music experiences and art experiences, which will help enhance skill sets for the child at any stage. The group sessions foster self- expression, while offering an opportunity for socialization and relationship building among children and their parent or caregiver.


The following group programs at Arts For Healing typically run for 6 weeks and are created as needed in response to client interest.  If you know someone who will benefit from group experience, please contact Arts For Healing.

Small Group Art Sessions

Art sessions are offered for groups of children or groups of adults and seniors with special needs who like to express themselves through a variety of art activities. Under the direction of a trained art therapist, the sessions foster creativity while providing an opportunity for socialization and relationship building. Materials ranging from paint, clay, collage, and a variety of drawing pens, markers, pastels, charcoal give group members a wide variety of choices for personal expression, Groups typically run for 6 weeks.

Small Group Music Session

Interactive music making for small groups of children, teens, adults or seniors, provide an opportunity for individuals to become an integral part of a creative musical experience. These sessions, led by a trained music therapist, offer socialization and relationship building as a natural part of making music together in a fun environment. Groups typically run for 6 weeks.

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